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Are you a booknerd like me? Bookssss...


Then let me introduce you to The Chaos of Souls universe


I am fantasy author R.M. Garino and my book setting is epic fantasy with all the expected goodies woven in; a unique magical system, swordplay, intense action, sweet romance, prophecy, great friends and engaging dialogue.


The villains, aside from the vicious monsters that hunt the characters by the scent of their souls, are not so obvious, and a greater threat looms over the entire world. A not-so-expected feature is the humor laced throughout.


So have some caution while you eat and read, we don't want your drink to spray wildly from your nose; you can pretend you're a dragon another time.

Welcome Story Hunters!
Author R.M. Garino

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The ChaoS oF SoulS SerieS
Where Monsters, Magic & Mayhem Come to Life
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Requiem's Reach Book Cover
The Gates of Golorath
the prequel
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Welcome to where the Chaos begins.​

Follow Malachite in his quest to save his people. He must survive the destruction of his homeland and the privations of the enemy to align the realms and open the Gates of Golorath. 


book one
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Meet Angus and Arielle, the True Souls introduced at the end of Requiem's Reach. 

Join them and their misfit squads as they trip over their own feet to defy tradition and incur the wrath of the Blademasters.


book two
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The path between prophecy and free will is narrow and full of thorns.


Arielle and Angus walk the forbidden roads that lead to secrets hidden for millennia. Finding the truth is difficult, but surviving long enough to reveal them is harder still. 


Wynds of Prophecy
Initiating Angels
free book
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Is the Pride being Initiated or are the Blademasters just fed up?

Dodge swords and arrows (wait, was that someone's shoe?) with the characters of Chaos in this fun short story.

This fantasy book has made the Bestselling Fantasy list a few times over.


book three
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A celebration turns into a struggle for dominion.


The secrets discovered in the wynds reveals plans hidden millennia ago, along with a weapon of mass destruction that could be the end of their existence. The Soul Chamber is activated and it's claiming lives.






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